Indoor furniture

As part of our cooperation with the biggest furniture chains in Europe, we have designed and produced collections for them. The collaboration includes exclusive arrangements. We have the experience and knowledge of the requirements and expectations in various countries. For this reason, our Sales Department is capable of submitting designs of furniture tailored to the specific needs of the ordering companies.

Outdoor furniture

Their structure and special upholstery allow for keeping the furniture outside all year long without the need to store them inside in wintertime. It is an ideal solution for house gardens and terraces as well as hotels, bed-and-breakfast establishments with patios, terraces or surrounded with greenery. Owing to the variety of models, sizes, types of elements and colours of the upholstery, the furniture can be adjusted to the users’ needs and requirements.

Luxury furniture

This is an offer for companies selling collections of luxury furniture. The excellent design, a wide range of models, modular solutions and additional functions contribute to the comfort of relaxation. This offer allows for arranging elements in a free fashion.