About us



TomteQ Upholstered Furniture Factory. 26 years of market operations. 3 production sites. More than 200 employees, experts in their respective areas. Every day, we produce several hundred pieces of furniture to satisfy various requirements, from economic to luxurious. Our clients include the biggest foreign furniture showrooms and shopping outlets. We export our products to all European countries.

TomteQ boasts first-hand experience in furniture production. Our collections offer very high quality and attractive design. Our furniture is a reflection of timeless beauty and world trends.

Quality and reliability

Jakość i Pewność

We manufacture for the most discerning clients; this requires exceptional precision and attention to the detail. We use components and mechanisms with certificates of safety and hygienic values, ensuring the desired quality.

The restrictive Quality Department controls every product before it leaves the production plant. It is another guarantee that TomteQ products comply with the highest standards of performance.

Cooperation with numerous clients with various needs and expectations necessitates perfect production planning and delivery execution . We are really good at that.